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A collection of short stories featuring Sister Fidelma, a nun of the Celtic Church and advocate of Ireland's ancient Brehon law courts, offers background details of her life in seventh-century Ireland.

Saturday, 10 March, 2012 marked the 80th anniversary of St Mary’s Abbey, Glencairn; the first Cistercian monastery to be founded in Ireland since before the reformation.

Magdalen laundries: Women confined in convents Inside Ireland's Magdalen laundries women were virtual prisoners, condemned to a life of servitude, for perceived sins of the flesh. In 1999, Steve Kroft reported on revelations that shocked the Irish people, embarrassed the Catholic Church and tarnished the country's image.

St. Brigid's cross is a 1500 year-old design that is believed to protect the household and invoke the blessing of the Irelands saints. Brig was the great pagan goddess of Ireland. Born the daughter of a powerful Irish Chieftain St. Brigid became a nun completely devoted to relieving the misery and hardship of the poor. The traditional woven cross is said to have originated during a visit St. Brigid made to a dying Chieftain in which she wove it from rushes on the floor to show the…

Saint Brigit of Kildare, or Brigit of Ireland (variants include Brigid, Bridget, Bridgit, Bríd and Bride), nicknamed Mary of the Gael (Irish: Naomh Bríd) (c. 451–525) is one of Ireland's patron saints along with Saints Patrick and Columba. Irish hagiography makes her an early Irish Christian nun, abbess, and founder of several monasteries of Christian nuns, including that monastery of ‘Kildare’ Ireland ((53°09′28″N 6°54′41″W / 53.15772°N 6.91128°W.[2]), which was considered legendary and…

"Kylemore Abbey (Irish: Mainistir na Coille Móire) is a Benedictine monastery founded in 1920 on the grounds of Kylemore Castle, in Connemara, County Galway, Ireland. The abbey was founded for Benedictine Nuns who fled Belgium in World War I. Kylemore Castle was built as a private home for the family of Mitchell Henry, a wealthy doctor from London whose family was involved in textile manufacturing in Manchester, England."