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Explore Posting I M, Pinning I'M and more! let me pick out a phrase so I can look this sick beat up later. *Me with 'All time Low' Jon Bellion*

you can't tell me this didn't happen at one point

I am loving these Joe Biden memes. It gives me life in the face of 4 years with Cheeto Hitler

AAAAAnd I'm back to bore you with my x-men apocalypse posts 😂 but DAMN this scene gave me cherik feels cause although he said "them" he knew he had betrayed his bae the most 😞 CHERIK ALWAYS ON THE RISE 🙌 also this posts reminds me of the san diego comic con where isaac and fass were cracking up and looking super adorable ✨ duh I've got like two more posts of scenes from the film... so forgive me if I get the dialogues wrong... I'll post em later maybe tomorrow morning. SPAM FOR SPAM…

yall i found this face cream that literally takes out all facial hair in 5mins its completely painless I AM SHOOK YALL

Pam’s Pictorama Photo Post: Of course this little fellow and his pun just cracked me up! I’m not entirely sure what exactly he is perched on, but he has a very serious expression and ha…

Dance Monster strikes again ~ I saw him ;P RapMon, you're close...ish