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Virtual communities have sprung up catering to African-Americans, mainly women, who rarely find themselves the target of tourism companies.

7 Summer Travel Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Ready for a big travel adventure this summer? Before you jet off, check out these summer travel hacks to help you save money and freak out a little less during your vacation ;)

Tips for Women Dressing Modestly in Conservative Countries

A part of responsible tourism includes cultural sensitivity. Here are a few tips to help any women avoid offence and potentially unwanted attention in conservative countries.

16 Unforgettable Trips To Take With Your BFFs

Solo Travel Destinations

Pick a continent. Pick a country and find travel information on over 300 destinations written by other solo travelers.

Australia: 6 Tips as an American | As an American who just traveled to Melbourne, Australia this winter (their summer), I thought I would offer some suggestions on making the most of your trip there, along with more general tips about daily life there | Travel Dudes Social Travel Community

9 Great Resources for Travelers Looking to Find Work Abroad

A Q&A on photographing fall colors in New England with tips and ideas from professional Maine photographer Dale Stevens. Foliage photography pointers on lenses, tripods, time of day, lighting, and other essentials to capturing awesome fall foliage photos.

25 Cruise Secrets Everyone Should Know

Want to truly get away? Cruising is not only relaxing, it is also one of the most cost-effective ways to travel! These 25 insider secrets can help you find the best deals, discover little-known tips & tricks, and help you make the most of your next cruise vacation.