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I choose this picture to show the different cultures throughout Europe.

Budapest is said to be the most beautiful city in Europe.

The Anne Frank House is in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is know to be the most impacting place in Europe.

I chose this picture because Budapest's Great Synagogue is located on Dohay Street is the largest synagogue in Europe.

I chose this is a picture of a Sami bride to show the culture of what a bride would wear. The Sami people are one the largest groups in Europe living in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia.

Germany - St. Joseph, Münster, Geist, Muenster. This is a statue of Jesus on the cross in a Christian church.

I chose this picture to show about the the city of Amsterdam. It was said that it is the most romantic city in all of Europe.

This is a picture of The Fira de Santa Llucia Christmas Market in Barcelona. It is one of the oldest Christmas markets in Europe. The first official mention of this market was in 1786, but may be much older. It is a part of the rich culture and traditions of Barcelona.

Hungarian folklore in Europe (Cultural Hungarian map) I chose this picture to show the folklore in Hungary.

I chose this photo because this is the Burgos Cathedral and is the oldest Gothic cathedral in Spain and one of the first built in Europe.