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The American Who Shocked Victorian England by Picking the World’s Strongest Lock

Victorian England made the strongest locks in the world—until an American showed up and promised he could pick them.

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By Tamara Abraham for MailOnline

"I want history to remember me not just as the first black woman to be elected to Congress, not as the first black woman to have made a bid for the presidency of the United States, but as a black woman who lived in the 20th century and dared to be herself." Shirley Chisholm 1968

A real black princess. Sarah Forbes Bonetta was orphaned in African from inter tribal warfare. She was suppose to be sacrificed but was saved and brought to England by a Captain of the Royal Navy. She was presented to Queen Victoria and impressed her enough to be adopted as a Goddaughter of the queen and was raised in the middle class.

Ely S. Parker was a Union Civil War General who drafted the terms of surrender between the United States and the Confederate States of America. Parker was one of two Native Americans to reach the rank of Brigadier General during the Civil War. He was a Seneca, and served on Grant's staff.He led a life of astonishing achievement.

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On Her Birthday, Princess Michael Of Kent Recalls Six Historical Women Who Have Inspired Her

"On My Birthday, Six Women From History Who Inspire Me" by Princess Michael of Kent "Here are six ladies who were either born to great privilege or married into it, but despite their advantages, all met with adversity, as most everyone does at some point in their lives-"

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18 Maps That Will Change How You See The World

A map showing the results of a survey asking the world who they see as the biggest threat to world peace.

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18 Badass Women You Probably Didn't Hear About In 2014