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ahem, It means sacrificing your feelings TO NOT CHEAT ON YOUR MATE AND SPLIT UP TWO FAMILIES YOU CREATED!

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Amen!! And then sometimes you just have to walk away even after they're forgiven. You can never forget some people's actions, just simply try to forgive and then separate yourself from their web of lies dysfunction and manipulation. (I speak from experience on this one as you may

Each day with our children is a special gift - lets not waste it. can help you enjoy the time you have.

Respect...if a marriage doesnt have it then it doesnt need to be respect is a must just like trust and love and it doesnt only stand for how you treat each other but how you are to your family as a whole. sometimes it is better to walk.

This is true sone parents should read this I always was there for my kids 13 yrs I sopported them and still do. Child support is for the court trying hard to be a parent is priceless. Mothers and fathers support there kids the same even if the kids dont care about the father because of mothers talking bad about them.