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Riiiiiick Rick Rick!

The small upsides to drastic climate shift, like snowball sneak-attacks in Egypt caught on camera

wow buzzfeed..this sure has blown my mind. y'know, this picture would be accurate if they replaced the words with "Waiting for buzzfeed to blow my mind"

Because they're prepared for the darkest of days. | 17 Reasons Why The Men Of Tumblr Are The Best

Erwin Smith and Rivaille (Levi) HAHAHA I shouldn't be laughing I'm short too

Of course that is Jody and Bobby! Could people really not see that?!

this is the best attack on titan text thing i've seen

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Tomorrow might be Monday but be a fucking shark! Instead of complaining - make a plan to kick this weeks ass be a boss have a positive attitude stay determined having forward focus on your goals - ATTACK the week!

Attack on Titan Erwin meme

Attack On Titan

.SIE SIND die prinzessin UND WIR SIND FLYNN RIDER // princess is Prinzessin in german :D

Erwin chases Levi playfully, drenched in titan blood that would soon evaporate. "Come on Levi! Just one hug!

That happens all the time, and I freak out because i usually think its really happening

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Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 23 Pics

I love the fab skeleton back there in the corner

I don't know why I found this so funny. Probably because I would do this to my mom.

OMG!!! I have like a mini heart attack!!! (OW! Your giving me a heart attack. Looking like u do!) GIF

When they had too much fun with accents and capitalization. | 17 Tumblr Posts About Spanish That Are Really Fucking Funny