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Young women, give up the vocal fry and reclaim your strong female voice

What’s heartbreaking about the trend for destructive speech patterns is that yours is the most transformational generation – you’re disowning your power

Hablamos con Noma Bar, el diseñador que juega con tu cabeza

Hablamos con Noma Bar, el diseñador que juega con tu cabeza | VICE | Colombia

First Official Climate Change Refugees Evacuate Their Island Homes for Good

The day has finally come, and a critical landmark in the saga of global climate change is occurring as we speak—and hardly anyone has noticed. The Carteret Islanders of Papua New Guinea have become the world's first entire community to be displaced by climate change. They're the first official refugees of global warming--and they're packing up their lives to move out of the way of ever-rising waters that threaten to overtake their homes and crops. The island they call home will be completely…

Are Women Changing Their Voices To Talk Like Britney?

Vocal Fry And Young Women: Are They Trying To Sound Like Ke$ha And Britney?

~ Explained in very simple & honest way -- Robert Reich explains why we should raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour | MoveOn.Org | Democracy In Action

Misconceptions About People Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Asian-American Actors Are Fighting for Visibility. They Will Not Be Ignored.

Actors like Daniel Dae Kim, Constance Wu, BD Wong and Aziz Ansari have become frank critics of their industry, calling out Hollywood for “whitewashing.”