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The Jayne Mansfield of Freeways: Drama on the 710...

The Jayne Mansfield of Freeways: Drama on the 710 - Los Angeles Magazine

If you are in public with your children during an active shooter situation (what is referred to afterward as a mass shooting if there were many injuries and casualties) here is what experts suggest you do to increase the chances of survival for both you and your children.

How to Protect Your Children in an Active Shooter Situation

How to protect your child in an active shooter situation, parenting tips everyone should know,

Democrat Hillary's Top 7 Elitist Moments 1. “What Difference…Does It Make?” Her dramatic lack of sympathy for victims of #Benghazi attack – and her own attempts to avoid culpability – continue until today. She calls it the worst moment of her tenure as Secretary of State but refuses to explain what she did wrong…or, indeed, what she did at all.

On Monday, former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton spoke at the National Automobile Dealers Association in New Orleans – where she quickly revealed that she has not driven a car for the past 18 years. At a convention of auto dealers.

Untitled (Woman Driving Tractor), Walter Haskell Hinton, 1930's

Untitled (Woman Driving Tractor), Walter Haskell Hinton, 1930's

The Californians - SNL - wish it was an hr long soap:

The Californians (Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, Kristen Wiig) -still can't believe i got to see the rehearsal of the first Californians sketch they did, all of them kept laughing & it was wonderful.

Diana, 1980....I remember watching the wedding on tv!  I just loved this lady!  Such grace!  I cried when she passed away.

Before Princess Diana Became A Royal... She Needed A Makeover

A somber Lady Diana sitting for photographs for the first time after being identified as Prince Charles' girlfriend. Lady Diana was a kindergarten teaching assistant at the Young England School.

New York Times: Kelly Darr is a Lyft driver and the single mother of 2 teenagers, one with autism and diabetes.

How Kelly Darr, Lyft Driver and Special Needs Parent, Does It


Why Don't More Moms Talk To Their Daughters Like This Famous Actress Talks To Hers?

wow this is so true. I gotta remember this if I ever have a daughter! I feel like we would live in a different world if girls were taught to love their bodies at an early age. Oh ya and I love kate winslet