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This chair resembles the common species of Toad that inhabits the European and North African continents. Emerging from hibernation as an oversized piece, it constitutes the first two seater chair of the collection. The design of The Toad Sofa has required using the back part of the animal. Being a headless representation has made it easier to establish an emotional connection with the viewer. Artist - Maximo Riera

The Octopus Chair is the first piece of the Animal Chair collection, and it establishes a base and point of departure for the pieces to come - Artist Maximo Riera

Like a bustling city, it conceals during the day only to emerge at dusk. The Toad Sofa proclaims the misnamed ugliness of unconventional figures and believes in new interpretation of archaic concepts: being truthful to himself even if kissed by a princess. Artist - Maximo Riera

For the front seat section, the Artist has opted for a minimalist baroque style, where the smooth and simple surfaces offer a firm contrast with the irregular bumps on his leathery skin. This feature, which helps the animal to visually blend into its environments by breaking up its outline, is the most singular aspect of this piece and has an opposite effect in urban surroundings. The Toad Chair - Maximo Riera

In India, the head of the elephant is used to represent the supreme deity Ganesha who is popularly worshipped as a remover of obstacles. Elephant Chair - Maximo Riera

The Octopus Chair places the animal and human-being in harmony. Where each is considered equal and one is not subject to the other. The Octopus is not decoration, It is as intrinsic to the chair as the person sat upon it. The Octopus Chair thus establishes the affair between the animal, chair and the human as one single entity. Artist Maximo Riera

Interior Vignette - cane chair paired with a drum to act as a sidetable #tribal #african