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Ocean Sea Seahorse: Seahorse Triskele, by Rebecca Postanowicz.

Understanding Celtic Knot Meaning

"Celtic Eye of the World" by Kristen Fox: A blue green 'eye' is decorated with blue green Celtic knotwork art, as well as sandstone carvings and crescent moon corners.

Seahorse, TRIBAL by ~uwak on deviantART

Seahorse, TRIBAL by ~uwak on deviantART (Love this, it looks sorta 'dragon-like') J

Seahorse by *Hanmare on deviantART

Seahorse by *Hanmare on deviantART

Triskele tattoo Our mother daughter tattoo  Nothing makes a statement like a Celtic Triskele necklace. The Triskele or triple spiral design is the symbol for the three stages of woman; maid, mother and wise woman. It also symbolizes the three realms of Earth, Sea and Sky. The spiral, often called The Spiral of Life, is seen as a connection to the past, it represents the continuous energy that flows from birth to death. @Aubrei Crabtree Crabtree Hein

This design is a rough/primitive Celtic Triskele, with Celtic knotwork, in greens for the traditional colors associated with Ireland and St.

Celtic Avant Garde by foxvox.deviantart.com

Hand-drawn and digitally enhanced Celtic knotwork with earthy tans, greens, and blues. Related Art of FoxVox merchandise: [link] Celtic Eye of the World