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Sammy Yatim posed ‘absolutely no’ threat to police before being shot by officer, expert tells trial -- “I saw nothing furtive, aggressive or assaultive” in Yatim’s behaviour just before the first volley

Police brass should have been at Sammy Yatim funeral -- Now that the funeral is over and the tears have stopped flowing, the B.S. can stop, too.

Family of Sammy Yatim files multimillion-dollar lawsuit -- Yatim’s death prompted several large public demonstrations and a massive outcry about the Toronto police’s use of force, particularly against the mentally ill and those in emotional distress.

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Tracing Sammy Yatim’s standoff with Toronto police

Crown accuses police of misleading jury and ‘circling wagons’ to back Sammy Yatim’s killer -- "In our system of justice, in our liberal democracy, police do not get to judge themselves."

Virtually every case similar to that of Sammy Yatim has seen charges against law officers dismissed -- The SIU might police the police, but it is a dozen regular people who must convict them. History suggests they usually do not.

Ontario’s largest labour federation announces news conference before Tuesday protest of Sammy Yatim shooting -- The news conference, scheduled for for 10 a.m. Tuesday at the office of the Urban Alliance on Race Relations on Carlton Street, will include family members of several high-profile police shootings, including those of Mr. Yatim, Sylvia Klibingaitis, Levi Schaeffer and others.

Excessive police violence in Toronto on racialized youth. R.I.P. Sammy Yatim.


Sammy Yatim shooting: Officer who shot teen suspended with pay

Sammy Yatim shooting: Officer who shot teen suspended with pay |

Shots Fired in Toronto - First on Scene ' Sammy Yatim Murdered by Toront...