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Picture It. Sunday, July 6th, 2014. Two men go to Lake Michigan @ 8pm and find rain and an empty beach. YEAH! Today was a great day! #FatManDo #FatManDoGuru

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Day 18: Circles

Who needs a gym! I used my circle drive way to exercise! Each lab is about 1/7 of a mile.... and I did around 25 laps. SO about 3.5 miles. Alternated between walking at a brisk pace, running, & lifting a chair. #FatManDo #FatManDo.Guru

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Day 4: Pride

Pride 2014: Overcoming social anxiety and loving yourself just who you. Watch this #FatManDo

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Day 5: The Pool

Day 5: The pool represent a freedom for me. It is one of the only times that I take my shirt off outside of the house. I feel comfortable and am not concerned with my FatMan-ness. It is a safe space. #FatManDo

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Day 3: Sit Ups

How many Sit Ups can this FAT MAN do? #fatmando

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Day 9: Frist Dance Lesson

I LOVE DANCING! My dream would be to dance for a pop diva! #FatManDo

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Day 10: Dog Run

My dog is pure life! I feel like an 8 year old boy out in the woods with his best friend when I am with her. #FatManDo

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DAY 1: Time for this FAT MAN to DO!

My name is Nick and I am "OVER WAIT". As a 32 year old, I am starting out weighing over 400lbs. It is time for this FAT MAN to DO! #FatManDo #OverWait #400lbs

The stairs on the way back up really were a killer! Lake Michigan! #FatManDo #FatManDo.Guru

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Day 22: ReStart

Today I restart. No more feeling down. When I feel sad, I will take the dog for a walk. #FatManDo #FatManDoGuru