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My latest blog post about being grateful for the small things... Thanks for reading! And thanks for sharing if it suits you!

Latest Sing Song Yoga blog post: Kids' Yoga Helps with Body Awareness. Thanks for checking it out and sharing it!

Video: Teacher Testimonial of the Sing Song Yoga App. “I’m a reading specialist in an elementary school. I service developing readers grades K-5th. I started using the Sing Song Yoga app this year as a way to transition my students from their regular classroom into the more intense instruction that I give them... I can tell as a result of the Sing Song Yoga that they are much more focused and calm and centered. I highly recommend the Sing Song Yoga App to any age elementary student”

Our blog post giving some info about our kids' yoga app, including pictures and arrows - live today in the App Store! Thanks for checking it out :)

We are really excited to partner with Conductive Learning Center of Grand Rapids, Michigan for our 2013 Charity of the Year. Check out our blog post to learn why CLC is such a perfect fit for Sing Song Yoga!

To start doing yoga today with your toddler I recommend the following six poses. Remember – take this very lightly and simply have fun. Yo...

Top 6 kids' yoga poses for helping your child calm their bodies and minds before bed — in as little as 8 minutes. These poses also happen to be the included poses in the free Sing Song Yoga App. So enjoy – and let us know what you think!