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I love the vintage posters and diagrams that used to hang in old school classrooms. They aren't very easy to find but when you do they are usually pretty I decided to create my own. ...

Buy a piece of pre-cut wood from any craft store. Paint it and add hooks spray painted in different colors. Perfect for keys, scarves or jewelry.

Try It Today: DIY, 3D Art Ideas for Bold, Textured Walls! A bold rainbow-hued DIY 3D Geometric Paper Sculpture (or a subdued one, as in the one pictured via KNOT Magazine) spotted on MAKE:'s YouTube channel.

Great DIY Idea; Ahhhhhhh, Trowing away Toys is so 'Not Done', when you see this Lamp! Collect them, stack them around the stand and Spray Paint, add a nice matching Lampshade Et Voila! Amazing! Ofcourse we can do this with Old Teen Dolls and other Cute Toys too, to make a Girly Style....

YOU GUYS - this brilliant blogger has turned a very old-fashioned (and, frankly, UGLY) thrifted painting into a one-of-a-kind, more modern paint-by-number-lookin thing! I am so impressed and want to try this immediately, how fun!

Chi l'avrebbe mai detto che delle semplicissime e minimali cassette della frutta sono ormai diventate fonte d'ispirazione continua per i designer di tutto