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hahaha. Although I think it sucks she is wearing heels. The Clary in the books was much more practical. But OH MAH GAWD JAMIE!!! HAHAHAHA

19 Things That You'll Never See The Same Way Again

When I hear LoTR fans saying this around a bonfire here in the UK for Guy Fawkes Night I always smile and shout MUSTER THE ROHIRRIM!! Everyone who gets it laughs and shouts in response too, those that don't look at the rest of us like we're drunk or mad.

Welcome to the world of The Mortal Institute! Where Shadowhunters Unite! If you are on this site, you undoubtedly are a fan of The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare or you are a...

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"WHY ARE YOU KILLING EVERYONE?!" "Someone here has GOT to be good at knitting" "DAMMIT CARL! I SAID I WOULD TEACH YOU TOMORROW" "wait, you're good at knitting, huh? Would you say that it's your... best trait?" "... dammit, carl *face palm*"