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Heather B. Gardner (Season 1) - Photos - 'Real World': WATN?

Heather got her start on the streets of NYC thanks to 'Real World.' She starred in the first season of the reality series and was very much a part of MTV's social experiment. An aspiring rap artist on the show, Heather B. has gone on to make a name for herself as a hip hop artist from New Jersey. Her first album is 'Takin' Mine' which she released in 1996. Her latest disc entitled 'Open Bars' was out in 2010.

Eric Nies (Season 1) - Photos - 'Real World': WATN?

Eric Nies rose to fame on the very first season of 'The Real World.' Just a regular guy from New Jersey, Nies was working on a career as a male fashion model when he landed the MTV gig. Like all great 'Real World' cast members, he continued to bank on his success with the network. He hosted the series 'The Grind' and also hosted and participated in a number of 'Real World/Road Rules Challenges.' Nies hit the television screen again in two episodes of 'Days of Our Lives.' He's also had bit…

Pam Ling & Judd Winick (Season 3) - Photos - 'Real World': WATN?

The cardinal rule in the 'Real World' house is to never hookup with a roommate, but for Pam

Rags to Riches - We've Got the Scoop on a DVD Release of the Show Starring Joseph Bologna and Tisha Campbell **UPDATE/CORRECTION**

John Jeremiah Sullivan - "Leaving Reality" - GQ July 2005

Spent most of my teen years (and early twenties) watching MTV's "The Real World" - back when it was actually real.

Jacinda Barrett (Season 4) - Photos - 'Real World': WATN?

For Season 4, MTV went international, bringing the show to London. Now a successful and well-rounded actress, Jacinda Barrett got her start on Season 4 of 'The Real World.' The international actress has had significant roles in 'The Human Stain' (2003), 'Ladder 49' (2004), and 'Poseidon' (2006). Her latest acting gig was as Marissa in 'Matching Jack.' She's married to actor Gabriel Macht.

Beth Stolarczyk (Season 2) - Photos - 'Real World': WATN?

It's hard to believe with all her 'Challenge' appearances that Beth first made her way into the MTV scene way back in season 2. After graduating from Ohio University, Beth starred in the reality series in 1993. Since her season, Beth's stayed in the reality TV spotlight. She competed on 'Challenges' from '03 to '06. In 2008, she wed real estate developer Matt Ciriello. Now she produces, directs, and stars in TV movies like 'Reality TV's Sexiest Vixens' as well as the swimsuit calendar…