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the-angels-have-the-horcrux: YES FOR VARIOUS REASONS, JUST YES.

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Connecting Through Humor (Lunch Note Jokes)

School joke lunch notes and links to other printable kids jokes

Modified diaper box wrapped in gift wrap to keep potty-training rewards in. #parenting #pottytraining #parenting

Perfect! Seeing as how I'm having a boy and my man loves his tool box

Healthier and cheaper to make at home. Packed in an EasyLunchbox #gladinspiredlunches

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Peter and Pearl on

so many feelings for an alien and his spaceship. what is tv doing to me?? haha.


⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Fec🌹Amelia🌻Spon🌷 @sherlocks__tardis Who wants to be r...Instagram photo

"Rescue me chin boy and show me the stars!" << EXTRA POINTS FOR THE OSWIN QUOTE

Oswin...I've been thinking on the whole 'doctor killing off his companions thing' and maybe just maybe he knows how their life will end regardless so he wants to make it fantastic while he can. Just a thought :)

You say that like it's a bad thing... but honestly it's the best thing there is :)