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The four stages of my first ever foam or breastplate construction: Top Left: base construction made of TnT Cosplay supply foam. Constructed using @evilted_channel as a guide. My two biggest takeaways were make sure your pattern is spot on to how you'd like and be sure to use a hairdryer on the Barge cement until it looks like it's starting to dry. This makes it tacky and will instantly stick instead of you holding things. Top Right: detailing was added using standard craft foam. Pieces were…

9 Cosplay Tips To Help You Not Kill Yourself Cosplaying

Now that cosplay is more mainstream and the community is very active, lots of cosplayers share their tips and tricks with the whole world! So here are a fe

Worbla has been expanding their line of thermoplastics. They started with Worbla’s Finest Art and recently added TranspArt. The latter is a clear, transparent thermoplastic similar in texture…

Worbla vs. Wonderflex vs. Other Materials for Making Cosplay Armor - The Nifty Nerd || Learn the pros and cons of cosplay build materials including Worbla, Wonderflex, craft/EVA foam, and Sintra PVC board.

Making Overwatch Hanzo cosplay armored boots! Starting with drafting patterns shaping in worbla and then finishing with a few layers of gesso (and sanding). Since I was making these Hanzo boots for Blizzcon I made them more to fit my proportions for easier walking. Hanzo has such tiny legs! Cosplay and props made by us.