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Look out to the water, what do you see. Blue water, soft ripples? Look harder. First you see the lightest blue, then the darkest. Somedays you will see grey. Why is this? Its your feelings. No matter how you feel, nature will always reflect you!

You know what I love? That no matter how severe the storm may be no matter how gray the day begins the sun is always there. High above the darkest cloud is the powerful sun that is always shining. It reminds me of a call I had years ago with someone in Shanghai. I was looking at the sun while we were chatting and I asked her if it was sunny over there. She said "Yes." What's incredible is though we were in different places in different time zones we were looking at the same sun. The Son is…

i feel empty inside--today it's worse than usual. Like I've been gutted and the hole aches for something, some kind of feeling...anything good.

Thank You @BookTemptations for the #TEASER #Gabrielbook3 @sylvainreynard