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Remind yourself that you are beautiful: | 27 Ways To Decorate Your Home That Are Actually Inspirational

There are things in life that we tend to forget or take for granted. Don't ignore these important truths. They could change your life.

Setting an intention with reminders is one of the best ways to have your best days. Remind yourself of these things in the AM to start living your best....

"Dear Brave Girl, You are still in there...every single bit of you. You might feel like you don't know who you are anymore, that your identity has been lost, thatyou are living a life that you can't even recognize or that your hopes and dreams have been sucked away by some crazy whirlwind, whether it happened quickly or very very slowly. Your soul is in there. Your heart is in there. Your hopes and dreams and good memories and that happy, fun, adventurous YOU is in there..." ~Brave Girls…

Clients tell me often that they put themselves AFTER others. I say put yourself first, when you are feeling your best, others will benefit!

Life should be like a good movie...a little drama, a little romance, and a lot of laughter. Don't miss out these 11 Best Movie Quotes of 21st century!

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