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Life is change. Every day is different. Every day is a new beginning and a new ending. Embrace it and make the best of it. Enjoy yourself and have a little fun while you can. If you’re smiling, you’re doing something right.

from A Million Pebbles

52 Insanely Great Activities to Have Sober Fun

Get yourself outside, try to stay busy doing things that are fun! This is a list of ways you can have tons of fun while being sober! Sober fun is not boring! It is REFRESHING!

“You have been doubted, hated, talked about, made fun of, hurt, lied to, broken and at your wits end. With that being said, I commend you for the fact that you are still standing. Your courage speak

Having fun people in your life makes your journey that much more fun! Why not surround yourself with interesting, fun, creative, adventuresome and somewhat crazy people? It will make life so much more interesting! Let’s take the advice of Pooh Bear.