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Freshly roasted ika (squid) from Aomori outside Asakusa's (and Taito Ward's) biggest library in Kappabashi -there was a festival/fair there this last weekend... #Asakusa, #Kappabashi, #Aomori, #ika, #squid October, 12 2015 © 2015 Grigoris A. Miliaresis

As happens in most events in the Yoshiwara, Kitsune-san, the fox-deity from the Yoshiwara Jinja, one of the most venerable shrines of the broader Asakusa area was also there and he seemed to enjoy the show! 3/4 #Asakusa, #Yoshiwara, #fireworks, #hanabi, #taikai, #Kitsune, #jinja September, 13 © 2015 Grigoris A. Miliaresis

Asakusa Mamemaki 1/12 Instead of Sensoji, this year we decided to try something more intimate for the mamemaki (bean-throwing event) marking the setsubun, i.e. beginning of spring according to the old calendar. So we went up Kokusai Dori to Otori Jinja shrine -yes, the same shrine the kumade-selling fair is held. And a small crowd had already gathered #Asakusa, #mamemaki, #Otori, #Jinja, #setsubun February 3, 2015 © Grigoris A. Miliaresis

Asakusa Kappabashi Matsuri 2/2 ...and this one to the famous confectionery shop "Yachiyodo". #Asakusa, #Kappabashi, #kappa, #matsuri, #Yachiyodo October, 12 2015 © 2015 Grigoris A. Miliaresis

Asakusa Golden Dragon Dance 4/4 Children from the Denpoin Kindergarten holding pine branches; the legend goes that Kannon/Golden Dragon appeared the night Sensoji was founded and created a forest of 1000 pines, hence the pines on the children’s' sticks and the pine-needle pattern on the Golden Dragon crew's clothing. March 18 2015 © Grigoris A. Miliaresis, Asakusa, Japan

Homeless people are a part of Tokyo life -Asakusa's too. Here's one of them taking a nap in Sumidakoen Park, next to the river. Notice the Edo iki touch in the umbrella. #Asakusa, #Sumidakoen, #homeless, #umbrella September 6, 2015 © Grigoris A. Miliaresis

Sumo's coming to Asakusa 1/3 These past few days, we saw a new shop setting up on Kaminarimon Dori, near the Kokusai Dori intersection. And even without seeing the actual merchandise, we knew from the marquee that it would be sumo-related. #Asakusa, #sumo, #Kaminarimon, #Kokusai October, 9 2015 © 2015 Grigoris A. Miliaresis

Passing from Asakusa Jinja, we noticed this lady advertising something so we had to take a look! 1/2 #Asakusa, #Jinja November 24, 2015 © Grigoris A. Miliaresis