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VBAC homebirth in the hospital

Day Birth Story ~ 31 Days of reflections for a pregnant mama

VBAC birth story.....so incredibly beautiful, I cried reading this. And....I want that onesie!

THREE BIRDS: Elliotte's {HBAC} Birth Story: (Beautiful Home birth after Cesarean!) I love reading stories of people who heal past negative birth experience with future positive ones.

A busy doula names 20 of the best reasons why all mothers should hire a doula to support them in their birth.

20 reasons to hire a doula, including this: When you are approaching your due date, your doula will never ask you, “Have you had that baby yet?

Want a VBAC? Ask your care provider these questions. « VBAC Facts

Birth intervals & uterine rupture aka how long to wait to VBAC « VBAC Facts

25 songs for labor and delivery! Perfect for a home birth or hospital birth!

I began creating a birth playlist long before I found out that I was pregnant. When the two pink lines finally appeared, I went straight to work researching songs and thinking about what I would want to hear during labor and while giving birth.

Links to a HuffPo article about a 10 minute documentary by "The New Yorker," about our national c/s rate (although it touches on c/s rates internationally as well) - what has caused the spike, why there is so much resistance to VBACs (features a successful VBAC).  Worth the watch, especially the discussion of what c/s really entails in terms of recovery.

Why C-Section Rates In America Are Soaring

Currently, roughly one in three American babies are born via caesarean section. But according to The New Yorker's new short documentary, "An Unnecessary Cut?" this rate has majorly increased from the early when only 5 percent of babi.