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How to Get Rid of Pests

Chip Leedy on cedar oil to rid your yard of pesky ticks, fleas, and kill their eggs.

Get Rid of Ants

Most ants are beneficial, killing real pests such as fleas and bedbugs, but that's no consolation when they start streaming in under your doors and crowding your kitchen cabinets. Ants come inside because they're attracted to your food,...

Make a Natural Flea and Tick Remedy with Apple Cider Vinegar

Pet owners have discovered that apple cider vinegar makes an alternative flea and tick repellent. The acidic taste is unappealing to fleas and ticks, so regularly spraying your dog or cat with an apple cider vinegar solution can help keep...

How To Kill Fleas In A Carpet

Get Rid of Fleas Naturally

If you've noticed that you are getting more and more fleas around the house, but don't want chemicals on your pet or in your abode, here are some less harsh ways to combat fleas. Throw all of the pet bedding in the washing machine. This...

Pest Control 1. Keep roaches, waterbugs, and ants away by sprinkling a combination of equal parts all-natural borax and sugar. 2. Keep the mice out by sprinkling borax on the floor along the wall. 3. Get rid of bed bugs by sprinkling borax on your mattress. Let it sit and vacuum it up. 4. Kill fleas by sprinkling borax on your carpet. Leave it for an hour and vacuum it up thoroughly.

How to use natural predators against fleas, flies and cockroaches

All Natural Peppermint Pest Spray

All Natural Peppermint Essential Oil Pest Spray -Combine 1 drop of Peppermint oil to every ounce of vinegar, spray around entries to house and perimeter of garden, vinegar kills plants so be careful.