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Fascinating Facts About Indus Valley Civilization - People of Indus Valley Civilization traded goods and they were first to use wheel transport. The most interesting thing they produced were the “seals” which they used as the identification markers on their goods and clay tablets. The seals contain their written language and many interesting designs of creatures, animals and people (mainly gods?).

Great Bath of the Citadel from South, Indus Valley Civilization, Mohenjodaro, Sind (Sindh)

Indus Kush - Harappan civilization town planning

Fascinating Facts About Indus Valley Civilization - Lothal was one of the most remarkable cities of this civilization. Engineers and planners divided the town into 1-2 m high blocks each serving more than 20 houses to protect the town from floods. They placed high priority on building a dockyard and a warehouse to serve the purpose of trade.

Ancient Cities of the Indus Valley Civilization

Fascinating Facts About Indus Valley Civilization - Indus valley people development used buttons for ornamental purposes which were made out of seashells, some of them were carved into various geometric shapes. Earliest button was found in Mohenjo-Daro and the apparent evidence of stairwell was also found there. It probably had religious significance which also seems to explain why later Buddhist and Jain adapted step-wells into their structures. (That's right, they were related).

Indus Valley Civilization - A map of the Indus Valley Civilization sites - How Old Is the Indus Valley Civilization? Over 8000 Years, Not 5300 years. BharatKalyan topyaps.com1024 × 585Search by image

Map of cities and sites of Indus valley civilization