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I'm actually still believe that guys shouldn't beat up on ladies. No matter if they do throw a Loaded Pinapple atcha!

Sometime I feel for those in this type of job dealing with Crazies they seem to want to do kinda like Cookie Cutting Diagnosis. Sort of makes them feel like they're actually helping a person this way. But Dr. Pack is about to get a taste of Norman's Delusion herself! For now she's seen something she can't explain herself! Oh Boy!

Dyn-A-Mic Tales, Cover Of Issue #1 Ready! I like the old, campy, fun to read comics instead of the current serious and dark concepts the big companies are coming up with, so I'm reversing the trend and making my own!

Sometimes, the action begins before the story does. This first page is more like page 15, but don’t worry. You’ll get a chance to catch up.

Apparently the Big Lug doesn't need any breathing equipment sitting on top of a landing air craft.

Believe it or not folks, this little twerp would be a ‘major threat’ to Homeland Security! Those in the story who have to deal with it can’t understand how this is possible, and they’re as confused as we would be! So with a little help from the legal system they try to but him under their control, except (spoilers) it’s not Norman nor Dark Thunder they have to contend with!