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Shown here is the original patent (No. 2,181,391) given to Gunnar & Harvey Burgeson and Vern Wicklund for the Sno-Surf in 1939.

1930 The original Sno-Surf prototypes are on display at the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum, on loan from Gunnar Burgeson's son, Don Burgeson. The device had a foot strap, rubber mat, and a rope and stick to steer.


Street-Carving Skateboards : aris sport bladerunner

Aris Sport Bladerunner: skateboard design featuring conical wheels that enable skateboarders to 'carve' like snowboarders.

This is the complete collection of SNURFERS that were produced from 1966 thru 1989. Over a million of these babies were sold and turned the country onto a new way of sliding downhill. Snowboarding today would not exist without the SNURFER