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One can certainly follow two things; one is to have firm resolution and second thing is the energy of blessings and grace of Dada Bhagwan. And this verily can make one reach ultimate state of the Self, can experience the Self with perfect clarity.

From this divine speech of Dadashri, we receive special understanding about the state and mechanism of the mind, intellect, chit and the ego—the antahkaran of the Gnani Purush. On the basis of this we get the simple and unfailing understanding; about our internal state currently; and when we are not absorbed in the antahkaran.

"Let us fulfill the goal of our life through constant inner awareness; in service, surrender, penance and Gnan and thereby let the magnificent tree of compassion intent and compassionate state flourish for the benefit of all." Read more :

"Thus in the Dadavani that follows, there is the knowledge of how to set awareness, against prakruti and ego so that one will not protect them. Thus, one ascends and progresses in the higher stage of the Self."

In this issue of Dadavani, many keys from the speech of experiential knowledge of Spiritual master Dadashri have been compiled. They will be of immense benefit in solving puzzles and entanglements that arise in worldly interactions.

"In this issue of Dadavani, the childhood and youth of the matchless Akram Vignani Param Pujya Dadashri have been compiled in an abridged form and presented from his own divine speech."

This Dadavani issue is a compilation of the divine speech of knowledge of the highly revered Dadashri. Here, He makes one natural by making him perform the experiments, which lead to naturalness by eradicating the disease of ego. This will help the seeker break the noose of their insurmountable inner obstacle atkan of uneasiness and grant the gift of the understanding of naturalness.

Dadashri has revealed the precise way to do pratikraman, who has to do pratikraman, what can we call a true pratikraman, and much more in this Dadavani. This will be definitely helpful to all the seekers in Akram Vignan to become free from mistakes.