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10 Social Media Tips From a Top Media Agency

10 Tips from one of the world's top Media Agencies -- Whether your company is just getting its social sea legs or excelling in the digital world, there is a niche and opportunity for every brand on social media.

Instagram etiquette from Mashable. #nerd #truth

A Clever Guide to Not Failing Miserably on Instagram [VIDEO]

The Social Media Strategy Checklist – The Questions You Should Be Asking

The majority of companies have dedicated social media accounts, but how many of them actually have a plan or strategy driving them forward? If you're a business who doesn't have a social media strategy, you will need to start planning immediately.

Social Media Scorecard and Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]      Maybe you’re savvy enough to know your Facebook from your Twitter, your Pinterest from your Spotify. But what about Tagged? Xing? Futubra? Where do they fit into the social media ecosystem? Just learning their names is enough to make your head spin, let alone how large they are or what kind of numbers they’re pulling.    Never fear. Mashable has got you covered.    #infographic #socialmedia #facebook #twitter #foursquare #reddit…

Social Media Companies: A Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]

Bien débuter sur les Media Sociaux - Interview We Are Social by frederic CANEVET. Bien débuter sur les Media Sociaux - Interview We Are Social

Bien débuter sur les Media Sociaux - Interview We Are Social

Just in case you hadn't noticed #Socialnomics 2014

If you work in social media, or are interested in digital media, make sure you watch this 2014 video by Erik Qualman - It has some very interesting statistics!

Simply Zesty social media

With so much data swimming around, knowing which metrics to pay attention to can be difficult. Knowing which ones matter to your company and which ones are simply vanity metrics is important if you are to improve your social media efforts.

Why & How Companies Respond to Negative Social Media

Diffusing the Bomb: Why & How Companies Respond To Negative Social Media [Infographic]