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Le rituel Niombo consiste à envelopper le défunt dans du tissu et d'en faire une représentation par un énorme mannequin.

paintings of daughters of charity | ... in the Mission of the Daughters of Charity, Nsona-Mbata, Belgian Congo

National Proposal Day: Patti Stanger Judges 7 Viral Engagements

This 450-pound garcon, as the alpha male gorillas were known in French Equatorial Africa, was killed protecting his family, 1951.

The British Empire - Americans learned a lot of tricks from these dominators, none of them good. For example, tactics that involve subjugating a people: divide and conquer, propaganda and disinformation, shadow government, hidden agendas, subversion of public will, confiscation of the public tax money for black budgets, secret global drug and arms running, instilling false loyalties and bogus patriotism, political leaders and business interests and the merely wealthy put above the law, etc.

Don't mention animal rights! Amazing pictures from a colonial age when hunting was a way of life