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Fold, Cut & Curl. Snowflakes, stars, sunbursts. Origami, kirigami, quilled designs. Book review here:

Book Reviews: Origami, Kirgami.

Origami Papercrafting. Origami-inspired makes. Fun makes to give. Book review.

101 Things to do with an Envelope, by Denise Brown, Cico Books, Oct 13. Review here:

Beautiful Paper Flowers: a new book + kit. Review here:

Notes on the History of Origami, Origami Papercrafting. Fun info-tainment for World Origami Days. Book review:

Travel Origami. New book - genius idea. Transform travel bumph - brochures, maps, postcards - into origami keepsakes.

Make Your Own Woodland Creatures, by Clare Youngs. Cute and clever slotted cardboard critters. Book review here:

The Papercraft Post: Beautiful Origami Flowers, by Anca Oprea. Review.