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"I've been fingers crossed that we'd have a baby who'd enjoy the @sollybabywrap DING DING DING --- third time's a charm." @gparrish x #sollybaby in Baltic

Tuesday Tip // “83% of 13 month old children had a secure attachment to their mothers after using a soft baby carrier like the #sollybaby wrap.” via Dr. Maria Blois | Solly Baby

Tuesday Tip // “Increased physical contact between a mother and her newborn (holding or babywearing) promotes greater maternal responsiveness and more secure attachment between infant and mother.” Keyword here, BABYWEARING. That’s right, you can still get everything that you need to done while soaking up all of that skin to skin time with your Solly Baby wrap.

Though wearing your baby in warmer climates and summer months can actually help regulate body temperature, often times this can be warm and means more sweat. Here are a couple tips to keep you and your baby cool while babywearing in the heat. The Solly Baby wrap is one of the best wraps for keeping your baby cool because of our fabric, so you already have a head start. Dress your little one in a diaper and onesie. Dress light, stay hydrated and in the shade or AC to avoid flushed baby…

from Solly Baby


Guests are on the way. Baby needs to nap. Holiday season is just around the corner! You've got this, mama. | Solly Baby