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Physicist creates scale model of Large Hadron Collider's particle detector - out of 9,500 bits of Lego

Lego hadron collider

The Large Hadron Collider

The Big Bang in pictures: Scientists produce computer images of particle explosions similar to the greatest ever galactic light show

The Big Bang in pictures : Large Hadron Collider

This track is an example of simulated data modelled for the ATLAS detector on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. The Higgs boson is produced in the collision of 2 protons & quickly decays into 4 muons, a type of heavy electron that is not absorbed by the detector. The tracks of the muons are in yellow. The newest findings indicate that not only is the particle probably the Higgs boson, but it is the basic version predicted by the dominant theory of particle physics, the Standard Model.

LEGO Christmas AT-AT - Didn't even know I needed this in my life until just now.

Quantum Mechanics

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The Large Hadron Collider. They will keep finding smaller and smaller particles that act more and more like waves until they realize that all existence consists of probabilities in the mind of GOD. #HadronCollider #MindofGOD #Particles #Waves

Gallery: Search for the Higgs Boson

Particle tracks from a proton-proton collision (also called an event) in the ATLAS experiment at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Events like this are a possible sign of the Higgs particle, though many events must be analyzed together to say with confidence the signal came from the elusive particle.

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