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Watch: This robot learned to mix drinks by imitating humans

The Talking Water Fountain (2:16) Drink Up is an initiative by the “You Are What You Drink” Organization that established to encourage individuals to make the healthy choice and drink more clean water more often. To help spread the word, they created a very unique water fountain that speaks to you whenever you put your lips to the water.

Two robots mimic an artists hand strokes in real time, resulting in three versions of the same drawing--one by the artist and two by the robots. Arcade Fire’s video for their song Reflektor is an interactive short film that utilizes a computer’s webcam and a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. Viewers can alter scenes in the video, changing how the visuals look depending on how close the phone is held and at what angle.

TREE BOOK TREE (Work winner in Cannes 2015) - Plant This Book When You're Done Reading, and It Grows into A Tree

Who says print is dead? This unique poster, created by Grey London and print production and software developer Novalia, is essentially an app made of paper promoting British food brand Schwartz's Flavour Shots. The paper is coated with conductive inks that act like a touchscreen, and can send signals to your Bluetooth-enabled device to play music. Pretty neat.


HOW TO SUCCEED WITH YOUR MADELEINE by AMY RADCLIFFE. The Madeleine is, to all intents and purposes, an analogue odour camera. Based on current perfumery technology, Headspace Capture, The Madeleine works in much the same way as a 35mm camera. Just as the camera records the light information of a visual in order to create a replica The Madeleine records the chemical information of a smell.

What happens if you are a pizza lover and you have a Makey Makey? You can make a music composition playing with two pizza slides and several sauces!