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In a Tantra coitus you can remain for hours. It is a kind of melting with the woman or with the man, it is a kind of relaxation into each other's being. And it is meditative, because there is no ego, no thought stirs. And time stops. This is a glimpse of God. Osho

:: Know that we have met before and that we will meet again. I will find my way to you in the next life and every life after that. ~ Mia Hollow✨•

What is a Twin Flame? by LIORA © A Twin Flame is NOT a concept. It is DIVINE TRUTH!! The SACRED Twin Flame Reunion is the Divine truth of Creation. It is naturally...

"Love is not sexual passion. Those who mistake sex for love remain empty of love. Sex is only a passing manifestation of love. It is part of nature's mechanism, a method of procreation. Love exists on a higher plane, and as love grows, sex dissipates. The energy that has been manifested in sex is transformed into love." ~ Osho