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This Cheat Sheet Shows You The Right Soaking Times for Dried Beans

How to Can Dry Beans

~How to can dry beans~One pinner stated: I used to cook up big batches of beans and then freeze them, but lately I've been canning them instead. Not only does it save room in my freezer, but it also prevents me from forgetting to thaw them out in time...

Cookbook - Coming Soon

So I had to get special permission to share so many pages of my upcoming cookbook with you on a new post, but I am just so excited I simply couldn't narrow things down anymore! And I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with how many recipes are (or can easily be) gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian. I've put my heart and soul into this project to make it the perfect resource for anyone who wants to avoid highly processed food. It's part guidebook and part cookbook.

How To Can Beans The Nourishing Way

How to Can Beans (the nourishing way) | Canned beans are easily found on grocery store shelves, but by canning your own you can go further. And not just 1 -- but 2 -- steps further! Here are directions for *nourishing* canned beans, and you'll save money, too! |

Patricia Wells' Asparagus Braised with Fresh Rosemary and Bay Leaves

Patricia Wells' Asparagus Braised with Fresh Rosemary and Bay Leaves | Love the rosemary and bay flavor. Don't use too much water—it'll get soggy rather than crisped.

Grilled Salmon Recipes

Salmon is versatile, filled with heart-healthy fats, and easy to cook on the grill. Take your pick from one of our favorite grilled salmon recipes and serve up a restaurant-worthy supper right at home.