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TVShow Time - The Magicians (2015) S01E12 - Thirty-Nine Graves

Penny's face is worthy of being a reason to watch The Magicians

TVShow Time - The Magicians (2015) S01E13 - Have You Brought Me Little Cakes

Effing love the magicians! It's like adult Narnia/ Harry Potter and it's hilarious 😂

Olivia Taylor Dudley (Alice Quinn) – Cast | The Magicians | Syfy

Olivia Taylor Dudley - as Alice Quinn - in the Magicians (SyFy Chanel Series

The Magicians: Margo's terrible bargain

The Magicians: Margo's terrible bargain

They did a little more than that...

The Magicians - The students wake up to foggy memories and regret after a night of drinking; Penny reminds everyone that th.

The Magicians

Here are two close up magic tricks that involve a plastic beaker. Trick The Disappearing Beaker You show the