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You have to be every one of those things to be a dancer. So next time you meet a dancer, appreciate him or her.



I'm just randomly pinning a bunch of really relatable teenage posts, so, I'm sorry, I'll be done now. :)

from BuzzFeed

A Day In The Life Of A Girl On Instagram Vs. Real Life

Exhibit A. Previous pinner: Spanish Dancer Jellyfish. Me: I had to relocate this from my "Jellyfish, Anemones, Sponges" board when I found out that this is merely a work of art, a fractal. (Although it doesn't resemble what I usually think of as a fractal. Whatevs.)

#dance #life #lovedance Dance is a part of me. A part of who I am. It has entered my life. Taken over my body. It is in my walk, in my movements, in my thoughts, I have become a dancer.