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Williams, AZ

The Williams, Arizona Veterans Memorial honors those who died serving and all who served. What a wonderful tribute by this community to our Armed Forces! #military #support sighting PCS road trip USA


IHOP in Bullhead City, AZ supports military veterans in their community...check out their bulletin board. And they offer a military discount as well. We thank you, IHOP! #military #support #sighting PCS road trip USA

Dori's Tea Cottage

Words spoken and always appreciated "Thank you for your service" We met some incredibly kind people at Dori's Tea Cottage as we grabbed coffee and pastries for our trip. As we engaged in conversation and shared a bit of our story, the gentleman spoke kind words of appreciation to us. #militay #support sighting road trip USA

Saint Robert, Missouri

St. Robert near Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri ~ Supporting the Troops! #military #support sighting PCS road trip

Fort Leonard Wood

During our short stay at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, we were able to attend a Holy Week devotional led by a chaplain at one of the post chapels. We are grateful for the support available through military chaplains and chapel programs and services. #military #religious #support sighting PCS road trip USA

Southwest Medical Group: Orthopedics

Yellow ribbon support along main street in Cortez, Colorado. What a tender tribute to our Armed Forces, waiting until they all come home! Thanks for remembering our military families, Cortez! #military #support PCS road trip USA

Motel 6

Motel 6, thank you for the military discount! Great show of #military #support! PCS road trip a USA

Heritage Park

Heritage Park in Junction City near Fort Riley, Kansas, is a beautiful tribute to military veterans. #military #support sighting PCS road trip USA


Thank you to LaQuinta in Reno, NV for the wonderful #military #discount! We love your support for military families! PCS road trip USA

Williams, AZ

"Freedom is not free" Thank you Williams, AZ for this grand display of your military support! Canyon Vista Center Mall - PCS road trip USA