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Wild about you box. (Animal Crackers, iced animal cookies, wild animal fruit snacks, peanuts-from the elephants, banana chips-from the monkeys, tuna-from the seals, etc..)

Box 3: I'm nuts about you.. It has all different kinds of nuts, circus peanut candy, peanut butter cookies and crackers, peanut noodles, Peanut M, a payday, peanut butter fudge, basically anything with nuts..

My Heart is on the Eisenhower Backpack | A drawstring backpack featuring a flag themed heart, a small heart with a flame, a gold banner, and the text, My Heart is on the Eisenhower. For those who have a sailor on the USS Dwight D Eisenhower aircraft carrier.

Jungle Birthday Invitation, Safari Invitation, Zoo Invitation, Boy Birthday, Free Thank You Card, Front and Back, Printable Invitation

Jungle Birthday Invitation Safari Zoo Monkey Zebra Lion Elephant Giraffe Boy - DIY Personalized Printable Invitation

Box 2: A lot of beef sticks, trail mix, granola bars, crackers, cheese, summer sasuage, smores, and Camo rice crispies.

Box 4: A much smaller box limited my creativity. We go together like... Crakers and Cheese, Mashed potatos and gravy, Chicken and Noodles, Cookies and Cream, Mac and cheese, Milk and Cereal, Ketchup and Mustard, Spaghitti and Meat Balls, Fish and Chips (Tuna & Bag of chips) hehe.