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Both the show and the sentiment behind the movement.

A fantastic stencil piece by Marsden: "Free Bates"

Maggie Smith is my hero. Along with Emma Thompson. And Kate Winslet. But they are not in Downton Abbey, so there.

Downton Abbey Trading Cards

British Drama Pictorials These Downton Abbey Trading Cards by Chad Thomas are Hilarious

Smokin' & Schemin' with O'Brien

Artist: Levi Hastings ~ "Smokin' and Schemin' with Miss Obrien" ~ Part of an ongoing series of Downton Abbey portraits ~ 2012 ~ He has many great illustration pieces!

Downton Abbey Valentines - Branson | Cool Mom Picks

Free printable Downton Abbey Valentines

"If you have to ask, you'll never understand."

'Downton Abbey' breaks our hearts and shows our world being born

@sophiaggates try this one on dayton...Hahahah, oh Branson. Downton Abbey :) funny-shit

I take it back, I love Downton Abbey pick up lines. Especially if they're from Branson ;