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The Gulf of Mexico, 3 years after the BP oil spill--how much progress has been made? | Scientific American

April 26, 2003: In an image from NASA’s Aqua satellite, wildfires, as well as fires from slash-and-burn deforestation, raged across Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula and neighboring Guatemala, sending dense plumes of smoke across the Gulf of Mexico. Jeff Schmaltz, Lucian Plesea, Modis Land Rapid Response team/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Are we outraged enough yet? The taxpayers have to pick up the tab for cleaning up this mess!! “The great irony of this tragic spill in Arkansas is that the transport of tar sands oil through pipelines in the US is exempt from payments into the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund. Exxon, like all companies shipping toxic tar sands, doesn’t have to pay into the fund that will cover most of the clean up costs."

$1,000,000,000,000 USD Or 1 TRILLION DOLLARS!!! That's how much World governments spend on Fossil Fuel Subsidies EACH YEAR!!! Stop-funding-climate-change