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Shae Hosman: #RacialHierarchyInAdoption Americans are continuously adopting children from around the world, while thousands of children in the US, primarily children of color, are sitting in foster care waiting to be adopted. A new study shows that though some Americans want to adopt non-white children, they also show limitations when it come to adopting children of certain races, especially African American children. (Fitzgerald, 2014, p. 108-109). #Chapter4

Terry Owens: #BaltimoreCurfew This is an article on CNN relating to the frustration of African Americans in the U.S. This frustration comes after the death of yet another African American teen that was pronounced dead a week after he was arrested. What started as peaceful protest ended violent due to curfew enforced to protestors of 10pm. These violent events were both spontaneous, and short lived an example of a type of social movement, collective behavior. (Fitzgerald, 2014, p. 178)…

Danny Gorman: #IndigenousPeoplesDay #FalseFindingOfAmerica. This story goes through the process in which "Columbus Day" will now be called "Indigenous People's Day" in Seattle. Native Americans experienced extreme amounts of genocide in the taking of their land and they are still upset by the action of Columbus. This video entails the fact that they don't want their children honoring somebody who did that to their people. (Fitzgerald, 2014, p.114-117). #Chapter4

Jake Fuchs: #EmerganceOfRacialHierarchy #ColumbusDDay #Colonialism . In this depiction of colonialism, editorial cartoonist John Jonik portrays the unfortunate reality behind Christopher Columbus', and his fellow European Americans "discovery of the New World" (Fitzgerald, p. 105-108). #Chapter4

"Unequal Power for Officers" Sarah Leach: #HeIsStillAnOfficer #TreatWithRespect. Police organization hold special meeting amid racial tensions. Lt. Col. Reggie Harris speaks to members of the Ethical Society of Police during a meeting to discuss a racial tensions in the department after a racially charged letter left in an African American police officer's mailbox. (Fitzgerald, 2014, p.138). #Chapter5

Alexis Cahoon: #RelatingRaceAndAge #ViolenceAgainstInnocents This video portrays the way our society sees race and violence in a cohesive manner. Bystanders ignore the abused children if they are not white. This is an example of race relations, as seen in Chapter 5. It can not be said that race relations have improved from the 20 century if these acts still continue. Race relations affect children before they are old enough to understand our broken society. (Fitzgerald, 2014, p. 151) #Chap5

Eric Donaby #MLBIntegration #SportsUnification This image was taken in the early 40s prior to the Major League Baseball integration in 1947. White supporters can be seen attempting to make a change in America with the addition of African Americans to the game. (Fitzgerald, 2015, p. 183). #Chapter6

Brea Hubler: #CivilRightsAct #LaborEquality #PostWorldWarII this articles covers the spring of 1941 when blacks threatened a mass march unless they were hired equally with whites. The article also gives a timeline of different events that took place during the period. (Could not find author or date) #Chapter6

Brittany Polo: #BlackLivesMatter #HowToExplainToChildren . Kenneth Braswell wrote a book on how to explain to children about the different things going on in the world. This story explains how to make children understand things, such as people not getting along, in a way that makes sense to them (Fitgerald, 2014, p. 149). #Chapter5

Nicole Wiegand: #youhavetobelikeus"white"people #forcedtoassimilate. The treatment of Native Americans throughout history has always been negative. Since the colonial days, Native Americans were forced and pressured into conforming to the "white" superior society's ideologies. Now today's generation of Native Americans are entirely assimilated, with no authenticity to their native backgrounds. Here is a cartoon history lesson to sum this all up. (Fitzgerald,2014, p.166-168) #Chapter5