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(1/2017)This is ONE of the FOUR who held a DISABLED white, duct taped his mouth and wrists. Cut his hair with a knife cutting his scalp, terrorized him,telling and beating him to say,"F--- T----",F--- Whites. THIS is Obama's CHANGE and he says Race Relations have IMPROVED??!!

None Better Printing Bikini Set

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My parents tell me to shut up, I don't listen. Yet if Calum Hood ever told me to shut up, I'd fricken zip my mouth shut and throw away the god damn key

His wise old eyes tell a story of life and his body a story of colour. This piece explores the subtle and bold movements of these beautiful birds. It is about being optimistic and enjoying life to the fullest. "As the sun colours flowers, so does art colour life" John Lubbock

In 1851 Olive Oatman was a thirteen-year old pioneer traveling west toward Zion, with her Mormon family. Within a decade, she was a white Indian with a chin tattoo, caught between cultures. The Blue Tattoo tells the harrowing story of this forgotten heroine of frontier America. Orphaned when her family was brutally killed by Yavapai Indians, Oatman lived as a slave to her captors for a year before being traded to the Mohave, who tattooed her face and raised her as their own.

Living proof to never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do! People will try to hold you back simply because they're lives are going nowhere!

Lessons Learned in Life | To encourage you to keep going. To remind you to be strong. Lessons Learned In Life® Copyright © 2013™ | Page 4

552: K-2 and Kitty December has been one heck of a month for drawing slumps. For some reason fan art tends to pull me out of them so here’s K2-SO with a kitty friend ❤

I love what another pinner said about this: "A quarter rest is a symbol in sheet music that tells the musician to pause for a moment and take a breather. Sometimes in life you just need to stop for a moment and breathe"