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This outfit is perfect for a TRIANGLE or PEAR shape, with fuller hips and bottom. The attention drawn up to the shoulder is great, combined with the wide leg pants to balance out her shape. The layered tops are correctly positioned, hitting below her "widest" point. Comfortable and chic!

An Ode to the Naked Ankle

What is it about an exposed ankle – bare and boney as it peeks out

They Are Wearing: Paris Fashion Week

All Chanel-ed Out. What They Were Wearing - Paris Fashion Week 2012 | Photo by Kuba Dabrowski (

A Chanel Frenzy

I know I have a million of these pale taupe-grey shades, but I am kind of enthralled by this one...Chanel Frenzy, coming out in the fall!

Diane Kruger

Ten Ways to Wear a Leather Skirt - What to Wear: With a Leather Skirt - StyleBistro

5 Steps To Smudge Your House and Clear Bad Energy

Sage smudge sticks. Burning sage purifies the home and moves out old energy.