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Even if you love 'marketing' it's one of those small business activities which is a little bit like cleaning the house. You need to keep chipping away at the tasks on a regular basis, otherwise it all piles up and requires a huge effort to get back on track! Today I thought I'd share with you my checklist of the marketing (and business planning) tasks that help me keep on top of it and might be a useful starting point for you too: Daily * Prioritise 3 - 6 things from my bigger…

The Rollercoaster Wife: 7 Must-Dos to Have a Successful First Year Starting a Business from Home

7 Must Dos to Have a Successful First Year Starting a Business << Allie Williams // Shannon Whittington

Overwhelmed with understanding how to price your services? Watch this free video tutorial about how it's done.

6 things I did to try and grow my business that worked like a charm!

Two weeks ago I shared a few of my utter business fails, so this week I thought I'd flip the script and talk about the things I did to build my business that actually worked! It doesn't matter what your niche or what your goals are - if you're looking to

Did you just recently launch your creative business or blog? Maybe you feel stuck when it comes to growing your online presence? With all the noise online, I understand the struggle! No worries- I'm sharing my secret formula to getting found online! http:

Essential Bookkeeping Practices to Support Your Small Business (CCG Podcast #46

When you are just starting a business there are a lot of tasks on your plate so your accounting can easily get put on the back burner.

How to Launch a Blog on a Budget

You can join the club. The club I started for the ba-gillion people I know, moi included, who don’t have 1.2 mil laying around to invest in a blog launch or relaunch. Yes, ba-gillion is a big, actual number; I’m offended you thought otherwise. If you don’t want in on my club, that’s fine . . . …

How to get clients when you are just starting out

Starting a new business is a huge accomplishment. The beginning can also a hard place to be when the clients don’t come as easy as you’d hoped. I remember what it’s like to start at the very beginning, and to be in a cycle of little to no clients. Be encouraged that you can make things happen in your business! Theory is nice, but implementation is even better. I’m sharing 4 very specific tactics I used for how to get clients early on in my business and I hope they help you too. Grab the Make…