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Starting a new business is a huge accomplishment. The beginning can also a hard place to be when the clients don’t come as easy as you’d hoped. I remember what it’s like to start at the very beginning, and to be in a cycle of little to no clients. Be encouraged that you can make things happen in your business! Theory is nice, but implementation is even better. I’m sharing 4 very specific tactics I used for how to get clients early on in my business and I hope they help you too. Grab the…

Sharing with you a page from my business bullet journal. It's a spread I created to track my finances for the next couple of months. #Moleskine #finances #income #expenses #moneytracker #bulletjournaljunkies #bulletjournal #bulletjournalcommunity #money #doodles #drawing #tombowdualbrushpens

from XO Sarah

6 things I did to try and grow my business that worked like a charm!

Two weeks ago I shared a few of my utter business fails, so this week I thought I'd flip the script and talk about the things I did to build my business that actually worked! It doesn't matter what your niche or what your goals are - if you're looking to

Even if you love 'marketing' it's one of those small business activities which is a little bit like cleaning the house. You need to keep chipping away at the tasks on a regular basis, otherwise it all piles up and requires a huge effort to get back on track! Today I thought I'd share with you my checklist of the marketing (and business planning) tasks that help me keep on top of it and might be a useful starting point for you too: Daily * Prioritise 3 - 6 things from my bigger…

Did you just recently launch your creative business or blog? Maybe you feel stuck when it comes to growing your online presence? With all the noise online, I understand the struggle! No worries- I'm sharing my secret formula to getting found online! http:

It doesn't matter where you came from - only where you're going. Get there at all costs. Compete Every Day.


A Walk Through My Bullet Journal -

This post offers fabulous tips on using the bullet journal for those in the direct sales / party plan industry. For moms working from home, I share strategies for knowing what you can truly expect of yourself and making a plan to accomplish it. Includes a FREE printable party tracker for your direct sales business. Pin now so you can find it again later!

In this post, I outline exactly how I went from a brand new broke business owner to someone who makes 6 figures a year. I share every detail, including the one investment I made in myself that changed the whole game.