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Nature Fractals Are Amazing

We are so full of ourselves crawling through life with eyes and hearts closed tight that even if we are presented with the magnificence of The Cabbage we are blind. Sacrilegious fools!!!

from The Dancing Rest


Bismuth crystal (geology rocks rainbow diffraction microchip geometrical symmetry in nature fractal nature meets artificial)

Space Aes,Wolf 359,Crisis Board,Dalima Nebula,Universal Cosmos,Existential Crisis,Aurora Borealus,Sévère Univers,Metallic

I Like It Natural And Colorful...Always From Now To Eternity !...

from Notey

16 Photos Of Geometrical Plants For Symmetry Lovers

May 2015 Tags: fractal , geometric , patterns , plants , symmetry If you love symmetry you’re going to love the next 16 photos of geometrical plants, some with perfect symmetry and intricate ...