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☯ u know those 'the signs' memes? if you want a picture-perfect encapsulation of astrid's aesthetic and personality, just take a look at the aquarious. even better, i've always considered her an aquarious, even before i got into those memes. t'was destiny ☯

How to take better pictures for selling clothing on eBay

Great guide on how I take pictures of clothing for my part time eBay and Etsy stores and how greatly taking better pictures increased my sales drastically when selling to make money online.

you'll never know, dear, how much I love you; please don't take my sunshine away.

hes so cute i want 100 of him

But instead I have friends who take pictures of me with my mouth hanging open half full of food as I tell a story too good to wait til I'm finished eating

I bet Michael before taking the picture was like; "Luke, kiss my cheek the fans will go crazy!"

Y/N:"I'm coming baby! Take a breath!" Shawn:"I know! You just take too many pictures! I don't want to miss anything!" Y/N:"I know! I don't want to miss anything either! That's why I'm taking pictures." Shawn:"Of me! You're taking pictures of me, princess." Y/N:"Well, I don't want to miss anything of your beautiful soul either!"

Check out these six "I Love Memphis" murals around town. Want a weekend mission? Find all the murals, take pictures, and tag #ilovememphis in all of them!

Rainbow road.. . Lung ' Inf lit plane taking cuff. why's it all wibbly wobbly like it's taking the steps instead of staright out like the nyooom implies