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Avanth Typeface was born from the search of a display typeface to use in titles with a real personality, but trying to keep it legible in big sizes. Its own personality is based on small details in each letter (unique in each one of them) using just geometric simple shapes like circles, squares and straight lines.

Crafty Wonderland shop I would love to do a banner like that "artist of the month" board, but with a "artist of the week" or some other title.

If you happen to have a low balance in your eShop account, you are in luck as this week’s Nintendo Downloads features the lowest priced eShop title yet. Bird Mania 3D has you steer a small bird to Africa. Along the way, this specimen can dash, soar, and glide to his goal, while collecting bonuses and stars, with 3D hand-drawn graphics in full display. Not a bad deal at all for just $1.99.

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