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New York City

Screen shot of the Graduate As a parent of the graduate, even if you are attending the graduation ceremony in person, simultaneously, do watch it online on your mobile device because when the graduate is awarded the degree, the videographer takes a lovely picture of the graduate, which is visible on your mobile device. At that time take a screen shot on your mobile device. This would be a good memory. #Columbia Graduates, #students, #graduation, #Columbia university,

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Seeing things: A new transparent display system could provide heads-up data

Improved Transparent Displays - Film you can put on glass, allows you to project images onto it, yet lets all light from the other side through. Kind of like a one-way mirror. But with nanoparticles. So, cooler.

The scene in this tee is angled above the city to depict YOU rising above those circumstances and situations that want to keep you enslaved or trapped. Once you have risen above those circumstances and situations you can see their beauty. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student working to graduate college or an entrepreneur working to get your start-up off the ground, you can’t be held down. So you rise... Take a good look at yourself, you now see the beauty, right?

May 31, 2016 ALERT Academy Most of our family traveled to Big Sandy, Texas to attend Jeremiah's graduation from basic training at the International ALERT Academy (Air, Land, Emergency, Resource Team). Alert is an excellent program for young men ages 17-26 that teaches search and rescue, dive training, survival techniques, EMT training, high angle rescue and a host of other skills. Alert inspires young men to draw close to God and to become diligent, conquer laziness, anger and to set goals…

Royal Holloway University chapel reflected in its piano. I was lucky enough to study here when i was a student. Although I have been in this room more times since I graduated than when I was there. I finally shelled out for a wide angle so the fisheye may end up gathering some dust over next few months

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University of California - Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA. More Info:

Beautiful photo taken in the North Georgia Mountains in Jasper, Georgia. This is a very popular site for engagement photos as well as senior pictures for our local high school students. The water reflected the light at just the right angle as not to throw a glare but still light the fern perfectly. The shutter speed was slowed slightly to accent the water and made a perfect photo. Please visit my site at for more waterfall, sunset and sunrise photos.